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Our community has only 11 covenants that neighbors are required to abide by. Here is a breakdown of what they are:

  1. C-1 Land Use & Building Type: All lots are for residential purposes only. In other words, for personal use only.  No commercial buildings allowed.

  2. C-2 Architectural Control: No architectural changes can be made to your property, fencing, or additional buildings without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. (But yes, you can paint your house any color you want!)

  3. C-3 Dwelling Size: Any new home construction must have a footprint larger than 700 square feet (single story) or 500 square feet (2 story). (So, basically, you can’t build a tiny house on your lot if your house burns down.)

  4. C-4 Easements: Maintain your easements. Easements include the back 10 feet of the property and areas surrounding utilities.  Do not place structures or planting in these areas to impede access or change drainage.

  5. C-5 Nuisances: Be respectful of your neighbors; things like limiting excess noise and otherwise becoming an annoyance to your neighbors.

  6. C-6 Temporary Structures: You can’t park trailers, campers, boats, or any other sort of RV in the street or in your driveway. It must be kept behind a 6-foot fence next to or behind your home.

  7. C-7 Signs: Realtor signs and rental signs are allowed. You’re welcome to post one professional sign of a reasonable size in your yard (1 square foot). Election signs are permitted though not addressed directly by the covenant, and should be removed no later than one week after the election. If you have questions about specific signage, contact the CWCA.

  8. C-8 Oil and Mining: This sounds silly, but just in case you were wondering…. you can’t drill for oil or natural gas on your property.

  9. C-9 Livestock and Poultry: NO LIVESTOCK, POULTRY, OR COMMERCIAL PET BREEDING! This is the famous “no chicken” covenant!  Yes, Jefferson Country allows raising of poultry for certain lots but our covenants SUPERSEDE county ordinance in this case. Basically, if it belongs on a farm, it doesn’t belong here.

  10. C-10 Garbage and Refuse Disposal: Don’t dump your trash in your yard, the easements, behind your fences, or anywhere other than a trash can or suitable sanitary container! Also, please store your trash cans where they are not visible from the street except on trash collection days.

  11. C-11 Sight Distance at Intersections: If you live on a corner lot near an intersection, make sure to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed back so that the view of oncoming traffic and stop signs is not obstructed.  Fences and walls are to be set back away from the street so as not to obstruct sight lines.

For a printable copy of the official legal covenant language, click the button below.

If you see a covenant violation, you can report it here.
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